About Us

Richoil is a Ukrainian manufacturer
of natural oils of cold pressing, gluten-free flour and healthy food products


We love, what we do, so we are responsible for the choice of raw materials and control the technological process at all stages of production. According to the long-standing traditions of the oil industry, we use the most careful method of production - cold pressing.

Health, longevity and beauty are what aspires to. At Richoil, we understand these needs, so our healthy food products meet the trends of the 21st century - they are natural, high quality and useful.

Exquisite taste
For years, we have been creating natural products for a balanced and proper diet, so we know that the healthy food can be tasty
Unique properties
We are convinced that to be in trend is to be healthy. The power and energy of nature is the most powerful "antioxidant" in the XXI century
Perfect quality
Our consumers deserve the best, all our products manufacture under strict quality control in our own laboratory

Delicious ideas for a healthy life

Our products

Cold pressed oil

Our speciality is the production of high-quality oils by the method of first cold pressing

Gluten-free flour

We have developed this product line for a gluten-free diet and low carbohydrate consumer needs

Plant Protein

We offer plant proteins by wholesale and ready-mixed solution as dietary supplements

Private Label

We support customers at all stages of cooperation: from marketing ideas to successful sales

What makes us special?
Traditional methods of oil production 1

Gentle technology of processing of raw materials allows to keep in oils all complex of useful substances

Natural ingredients 2

We produce products from fresh raw materials of the new harvest - it does not contain food coloring agents, flavouring agents and chemical impurities

High quality guarantee 3

RICHOIL products are certified according to standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000: 2005, AOECS and Organic

Repeated achievements 4

Our products have won the most prestigious tasting competitions and international exhibitions AVPA-Paris, World Food Ukraine, "Consumer Choice"

Рослинні олії
холодного віджиму від Richoil - це:

висока якість

Ми здійснюємо ретельний контроль нашої продукції, щоб запропонувати споживачам найкраще.

натуральні компоненти.

Наша продукція не містить барвників, консервантів і хімічних домішок.

традиційна технологія

Лагідна технологія обробки сировини дозволяє зберегтив оліях весь комплекс корисних речовин.

вишуканий смак

Насиченість та аромат роблять олії неперевершеним компонентом у кулінарних експериментах.

унікальна користь.

Оліїмають антиоксидантнівластивості, зміцнюють імунітет, покращують обмін речовин.

турбота про здоров'я.

Регулярне вживання олій є ефективною профілактикою серцево-судинних та онкологічних захворювань.

Our own production

The main stages of the technological process

Control of raw materials

Our laboratory carries out careful quality control of each batch of raw materials and checks for compliance with regulatory documents.

Preparation of raw materials

This stage involves careful cleaning, drying and storage of seeds


We press raw materials by the traditional method of cold pressing on mechanical presses at low temperatures

Double filtration

Pre-mechanical filtration
(on multiple textile filters) and the next stage of fine cleaning ensure perfect oil purity


After laboratory testing, the products are immediately spilled into prepared containers, labeled and packed in boxes

Shipment of the finished product

High quality oil goes to the customer. Our products are known in more than 20 countries